Horse Racing Singapore


Horse Racing in Singapore has witnessed a meteoric rise in recent times that can only be comparable to that of the not-so-distant Hong Kong. The rapid development of world-class racecourses has managed to attract star jockeys from far and wide. Today, Singapore can boast about being able to present world class horse racing in every meaning of the term. The passion that accompanies races in Singapore goes keeps international fans and riders coming back each year. The organizers of Singapore racing competitions have succeeded in making a good return as they deliver quality horse racing events. What is more, most major sports channels cover the events live.

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Domestic races

In horse racing Singapore, several competitions are always lined up through the year and racing fans are kept entertained throughout the year. Local riders and trainers usually get the chance to gauge their skills in races such as the Three Kings Trophy, the E. W. Barker Trophy, Singapore Guineas, Fischer Stakes, Gold Cup and the Jumbo Jet Trophy. 2009 crowd favorite Saimee Jumaat has been very impressive and appears too hot for his challengers to handle. The eight-time Singapore champion recently proved that he belongs in a class of his own when he achieved a record-breaking seven winning races at the Jumbo Jet Trophy. Saimee Jumaat has been considered one of the most successful jockeys in Asia.

Jockeys usually rely on the skills of trainers for their successes. For example, Saimee Jumaat’s spectacular display of riding skill could not have happened without the training expertise of Laurie Laxon. Laurie was the one in charge during six of Jumaat’s super seven wins with the seventh win coming aboard Stephen Burridge’s High Noon.

The International link

The rapid development of the ‘horse racing Singapore’ brand has led to an influx of experienced riders and trainers from different corners of the world due to the impressive racecourses and world-class horses. Noel Callow, an Australian jockey, scooped a double win at a Kranji meet recently while his compatriot, Ronnie Stewart and Kiwi Andrew Calder, won one race each. Australian trainers in the mould of Brian Dean, Stephen Burridge, John Meagher and Don Baertschiger all tasted success during the super night week at Kranji with one win each on the nine race card. Kiwi Bruce Marsh also managed to take home at least a win. The influx of international competition is one of the things that has continued to push up the ‘horse racing Singapore’ brand.

Racecourse and Horses

Jockeys who have tried their trade at the Kranji’s new polytrack have all given it rave reviews for being up there with the best tracks in the world. Even John Powell, one of the world’s top jockeys, was full of praises for the new track. It is important to note that the sport would not have scaled its present heights without the valuable contribution of a truly world class stable of horses. The heroic exploits of Waikato on the track can only come from a fine breed that it truly is. Other notable horses from Singapore that can hold their own against the best in the world include Better Than Ever, High Noon, Ace Amante, Intercept, Waipapa and Pacino.

Placing you bet on horse racing Singapore

With global technology and interconnectivity way ahead of where it once was, following the action of Singapore races from Australia is easy. Many of the major racing channels in Australia cover the races live. With this up to date information on race results, you can be able to make an informed decision. Next thing is to pick out a reputable and secure sports betting website and you can then log onto your mobile phone or laptop and place your bet.